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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to common questions. Scroll down and see if your question is answered and if it isn't, I invite you to email us your question so we can add it here!

<3 Lola

Timeless Photography's Style

How do you define your photographic style?

Candid, journalistic, colorful, unobtrusive.  Our beginnings and passion as landscape photographers define our style. You choose your venue because of its beautiful views. You pick your colors and decoration because they speak to you.  Then why have washed out pastel looking colors? You know the sky is blue, why does it look white in your photos? and you know your red flowers are red, why would you want to make them pink? Well, we love color and we love your details and the beautiful sky or dramatic stormy clouds on your wedding day.  That's real!

We do the usual posed photos because there is always that auntie that loves to see everybody lined up smiling looking at the camera. And of course we will stop by every table to make sure you remember who attended.  But we do capture your day as it unfolds, whether it is a family session or a 10-hour wedding.  We stay out of the way so you and your guests can enjoy your time and we will be capturing everything so you see what is happening where you can't be.

Do you take "Bright and Airy" photos?

Although it is not our usual style, we can always accommodate a request.  We will send you a sample to ensure you love us and we are comfortable with your request.

Can we provide a "shot list"?

Of course! We want to make you happy and we want to ensure we capture everything you want.  We also encourage you let us know all your ideas so we can try to recreate any pose you have in mind.

General Questions

Why should we hire you?

Because we will take care of of you as if you were family.  We will help you craft a timeline that allows your day to be your day, just how you want it.  Because we will be there for you as a resource with almost 10 years of experience. Because weddings can be stressful and overwhelming, and we will be right with you the entire time - we promise!

We will be your problem-solver, family-wrangler, advocate and help ensure that your day is exactly what you want, captured as beautifully as you deserve.  We will be your eyes on your day, so that you can focus on the amazing gathering of everyone you love best in the world and trust that your photography is in extremely skilled hands.

If it rains, if it snows, if it gets dark early, if your venue is unexpectedly covered in scaffolding, if hair and makeup run late, if we get stuck in traffic, we got you and your images will still be amazing.  Our job is to take great photos for you, but also to help remove all the stress form your wedding day so that you can enjoy it completely

Do you provide video services?

Yes! Although we are photographers and specialize in only that, we do partner with a fantastic videographer Rob Chiola to offer our clients the best pricing in cinematic videography and stunning photography.  See our Photo/Video package in our INVESTMENT page.

Are you any good at night or low light?

We master low light photography.  Absolutely! you can see samples in our website or request samples.  Almost all our shoots are either during the evening or night hours.  If a photographer tells you they only specialize in natural light photography, chances are they can't shoot in low light.

Are you any good mid day? When the sun is at its brightest?

Again, to be a professional you must be proficient in every lighting condition.  The answer is yes, we can shoot at any time of day, night or if lighting conditions change problem!

Do you work with a second shooter?

We are always a team of two for all weddings, regardless of the size and it does not cost you extra.

For weddings that require air travel, we leave it up to the client as to whether they want two of us. For all other types of shoots, Lola will be the photographer, never a substitute unless agreed on with the client before the shoot.

Do you edit all the images?

Yes, one by one, not in bulk, not by a team, Lola is Adobe Photoshop Certified which means you will look stunning, your image is of the highest resolution and always magazine-ready. Always paying attention to detail, Lola is able to erase unwanted objects, apply slimming and lighting effects and make sure the skin tone is always perfect and not yellow.

Can some of our photos be delivered in black and white and color?

Of course! We deliver all our photos in color, and within your gallery, you can convert any of them (or all of them) to black and white and keep both versions!

How long does it take you to deliver our photos?

For weddings, we deliver all galleries within 45 days or less, unless we have an unusual high volume. 

For all other 60-90 minute sessions we deliver all galleries within 15 days.

For all galleries we always release a preview within 7 days of the shoot.

Are all our digitals watermarked?

No, your high resolution files are not watermarked when you download them.  You will see them watermarked in your gallery just to avoid unauthorized people from copying and pasting the files but your downloaded version will not have the watermarks.

How many photos will we receive?

For weddings, that's hard to anticipate and it all depends on how long you hire us for, what is going on in your event, number of guests, etc.  For example, in an eight hour wedding, we can shoot between 400-700 images.

For a session up to 90 minutes we could shoot up to 80 images, of course, is not guaranteed but is not uncommon to shoot that many.

Do we get copyrights of the images?

No. Copyright is something that perpetually belongs to the photographer as owner and originator of the photos. We do, however, grant you "rights" (perpetual permission) to edit, print, share, etc. your images (which is stated in our contract).  No photographer will surrender copyright of the images to anyone, and if a photographer says they do, make sure you obtain it in writing.  Image copyrights have been the center of many serious lawsuits and many amateur photographers do not even know what copyright entails.

Do we receive unedited images too?

No.  And the reason is, because unedited files include images that are too light, too dark, too blurry or just taken at the wrong moment.  We are serious about delivering premium images and are serious about our clients privacy.  Furthermore, any image that does not make the cut is deleted in the process of culling all images when editing them.

How are our images delivered?

All images are delivered via password protected online gallery.  It presents all images in a beautiful gallery where you are able to share the gallery, download all your images, favorite them and order prints.  

You are also able to order a USB with your images right from your gallery.

Do you design album and how does the process work?

Of course we do! We custom design your album so no two albums look the same.  If you purchased a package with an album included once your gallery is finished, we will send you a link to a website where you can preview your album. Your album is already ordered once you receive your gallery.

If you purchase an album separate from a package you will be able to choose your photos and the quantity of spreads.  Once the album has been designed you will receive a link via email where you will be able to see a virtual version of your album and make changes, comment or approve.  Your album will take between 7-10 days to be delivered to you after ordering.  Note that a deposit of $50 is required to start any album work.  Want to see a sample album? Contact me!

Business Information

Do you have insurance?

YES! We consider this extremely important.  We carry a $1,000,000 liability policy and can provide evidence any time.

Are you a professional photographer?

Professional is someone that has a great deal or expertise and charges money for services.  Is also someone that can teach the craft.  We go further, we have formal education on photography and graphic arts, that's why we can shoot in many different scenarios and are able to do nice things with graphic design software.

What is your pricing?

- Tampa Bay Area:

   We do not charge for travel within 75 miles of the Tampa Bay area and this includes all our sessions.


- Outside of Tampa:

   We only invoice the Federal standard for mileage of $0.53/mile.

- Out of State and International Travel:

   Our photography package pricing remains the same, we only require air travel to be either arranged by       our client, or paid for by the client. We take pay of transportation and lodging. Does your photographer       do that? :)

You can see our packages in our INVESTMENT page.

What is your pricing?

- Tampa Bay Area:

   We do not charge for travel within 75 miles of the Tampa Bay area and this includes all our sessions.


- Outside of Tampa:

   We only invoice the Federal standard for mileage of $0.53/mile.

- Out of State and International Travel:

   Our photography package pricing remains the same, we only require air travel to be either arranged by       our client, or paid for by the client. We take pay of transportation and lodging. Does your photographer       do that? :)

You can see our packages in our INVESTMENT page.

Can you hold a date for me?

To hold your date a 30% deposit is required for all wedding packages and 50% for all hourly sessions.

We have to reschedule our event or session, will I lose my deposit?

Life happens and we will never hold you hostage to one specific date.  Deposits are non-refundable, however, if you need to reschedule and we have your new date open we have no problem accommodating your new date, no matter how many times you have to reschedule!  This is outlined in the contract.

Can we pay the balance after our session/event?

We require all sessions/events are paid in full before the date. We do not require a payment plan as long as the balance is paid in full before the event/session.

If we run late, can you stay later than scheduled?

For sure! Our contract states an hourly rate that will be invoiced after the event.  We just need you to let us know you want us to stay.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes we do! Our first responders and servicepeople always receive 5% discount.

Can my family and friends take photos too?

They sure can! As long as you understand that inevitably they will show up in my photos with their cameras up or if they do stand in our way we will have to request them to step aside. We have no problem.

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