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Candid Portraits for Hyper Children

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Tampa's children are my favorite and this photographer loves candids when going in for a session. These sessions can be done anywhere, even at your home.

If you know your child is hyperactive and he/she will not sit still or follow direction, do not force him/her to go through a photo session. We all love to see our kids all dressed-up and smiling for the camera and if this is your jam, I recommend you go to a JCPenney to have the portrait done with your fingers crossed.

It is very fun to make your child's portrait as outdoor candids. Look for a photographer that loves kids and is willing to run after your child and get the best angles. You should capture their raw beauty and personality. The shoot can even be indoors with them playing with their favorite toys or eating their favorite food.

Backyard Photo Session

This session was absolutely exciting because this little lady followed every instruction given, and she is only three! But as any other three-year-old, somewhere towards the middle of the session she became tired. I read a lot and being in this line of work I put in practice what I study. I used a technique to distract and redirect and it works every time. It is very important to have a fun and positive attitude when photographing children to get them to be happy and get them to look at the camera.

At Timeless Photography - Tampa , we also prepare lifestyle video which is another excellent way to capture your children and family as you love them today.

Give us a call or send us a message and inquire. We love children and we promise to capture their beauty in the purest way!

Timeless Photography Tampa - Childrens Photographer in Tampa - Girl with arms crossed
Candid sessions are perfect for hyper children. They are being themselves, after all, that's what we want to remember them!

Why Candids?

Candid photography is the best way to go because children are very active and often do not want to follow direction...we I have no problems running after a child!

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